Super Decathlon Refresher

CASA’s rule 61.385, their general competency requirement, requires that a pilot “must be competent in all aspects of operating an aircraft. This includes:

  • operating the aircraft’s navigation and operation systems such as fuel, hydraulics, electrical systems, avionics, pressurisation, power-plants and cockpit displays
  • conducting all normal, abnormal and emergency flight procedures for the aircraft
  • applying the operational limitations such as critical speeds for stalling and operating landing gear and flaps
  • flight planning procedures, like planning for endurance or range capabilities
  • weight and balance requirements, including not exceeding the maximum take-off weight and centre of gravity limits
  • applying aircraft performance data, including take-off and landing performance data to determine what take-off and landing distances are required under the prevailing conditions.”

So, knowledge of the above is required in addition to the appropriate skills in flying the airplane.

This course has a slideshow followed by a quiz which will lead you through some key features of Super Decathlon VH-UPG. Of course, it is quite a simple airplane and similar to many others so we will focus on the main things plus some minor but important things that pilots have had trouble with in the past.