Information on David Pilkington’s standard training courses: tailwheel endorsement, upright spin, basic aerobatics and low level aerobatics plus some of the special courses.

Getting Started

There is some good general advice here about transitioning to a different aeroplane.

“You begin by studying and learning the new aircraft’s systems and operating procedures since the bottom line to all flying is knowing everything that we can about the aircraft so we can operate it safely. You will find this information in the aircraft’s flight manual (AFM), owner’s manual, or pilot’s operating handbook (POH). If the aircraft is an older model, it might have a very basic owner’s manual. If so, you need to be aware that the older manuals may not have the same information as some of the newer manuals, nor are the older manuals organized like the newer POH’s or AFM’s. Although the older manuals have less information than the new manuals, they still provide the basic information.


Once you have done your homework and thoroughly understand the new aircraft, you should take the aircraft’s manual and checklist out to the aircraft and spend time sitting in the cock-pit to learn the locations of the various controls, instruments, and checklist procedures. Your goal is be become familiar enough with the aircraft to be able to fly it before you ever start the engine. If you are renting the aircraft, this procedure also will save you valuable training dollars.”

So, the place to start is this page for the Super Decathlon manuals, notes and checklist. Pitts information here.

You will need to complete CASA’s Single Engine Piston Aeroplane Endorsement Engineering, Data and Performance Questionnaire (modified) – the sooner that you do that the more you will benefit from it.

There is further reading material here.

Good Advice

Tailwheel Training

The course is intended to deliver theory classes and flight training for the tailwheel undercarriage endorsement per CASA’s Part 61 Manual of Standards (extract of relevant pages). More details here.

Upright Spin and Basic Aerobatic Training

This course delivers theory classes and flight training for the spinning and aerobatic flight activity endorsements per CASA’s Part 61 Manual of Standards (extract of relevant pages). These endorsements authorise, respectively, upright spinning and aerobatic manoeuvres in an aeroplane above 3,000 ft AGL. More details here for spinning and basic aerobatics.

Emergency Manoeuvre Training

Unusual attitude recovery course and Upset Recovery Course Overview 2014.


This course delivers theory classes and flight training for the formation flying  (aeroplane) flight activity endorsement per CASA’s Part 61 MOS (extract of relevant pages).

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