Super Decathlon VH-UPG is only available directly from OZAEROS and booked online – contact David for access at Contact.htm. The new booking system as from 14/1/23 is

We have been using for many years however it is time to move to a better system and two have been trialled recently. Trials finish at the end of January. The first is at and the second, the preferred solution, is at

Prior to gaining access to the aircraft, with the exception of those undergoing dual training by David Pilkington, pilots will need to sign the hire agreement at

Pilots, please adhere to the following rules and guidelines for bookings and the use of the booking system.

Guidelines for bookings:
– book the aeroplane for the time that you plan to have access to it – from the time that you first touch it to the time that you last close the door and walk away from it. – a fairly simple concept.
– if you book multiple flights on the same day with a break between flights then allow enough of a gap between bookings for someone else to fly it. A typical break that you might choose between flights for lunch or to refresh means that the aircraft may be unused at a time when desired by others. Please allow it the opportunity to earn money. Common courtesy to allow others to fly it the same day. Of course, if on the day, there are no other bookings feel free to tighten your bookings up as you wish.
– the guide for a nominal booking duration is 2 hrs for a local flight of 1 hr to allow for flight preparation including pre-flight inspection, refueling, getting it in and out of the hangar etc.
– keep to your booking times please as you don’t get to use time booked by someone else – common courtesy!
– we all know that plans change in this aviation business however check for other bookings if you want to extend your time with the aeroplane. It is easy with your phone.

Notes for Flight Circle – on trial until the end of January however we will use it from 14/1/23. New users will receive an initial email asking you to click on the link and change your password – you must do this as only then will you have full access. Admin also needs to include you in the appropriate group to be listed in the menu for scheduling.

Login at

The online manual is at and some videos at

A reminder to maintain your records up to date please as the system will control access to the aircraft in accordance with your qualifications and currency. On your profile there are 6 tabs as follows:

Ledger – ignore.

Personal – add your address, phone number, email address and emergency contact details. Certainly no need to include your driver licence and passport details unless there is a reason to consider a credit check for a pilot new to the group who might rack up a large bill very quickly.

Pilot – much relevant information here!

  • Aircraft Check-Outs. This will record that you have completed a check-out on UPG as well as currency check requirements.
  • Currency. Date of last AFR. Medical class and expiry. Ignore the renter’s insurance as that is a thing in the USA.
  • Certificate Information. Certificate – pilot or instructor. Certificate type – recreational, private, commercial or ATPL. Issued by Australia on date. Certificate number – your ARN. CFI Expiration – flight instructor expiry date.
  • Categories, Ratings and Endorsements. Craft Categories – airplane. Endorsements – tailwheel if you hold a tailwheel endorsement. Class Ratings – single engine land.
  • Other Ratings – not relevant.

Files – you can upload copies of your qualifications however we’ll continue to use the honesty system for the time being – they will be sighted by your instructor for the check-out.

More – these are tailored for Ozaeros.

  • ASIC – expiry date.
  • Rental Agreement – signed yes or no?
  • Endorsements: MPPC, SPIN, AERO, A150.
  • 8KCAB Review. A regular review of 8KCAB knowledge and operations – if you do an AFR in the Super Decathlon then it is covered otherwise we should chat about this subject over coffee – your endorsement questionnaire, underpinning knowledge for the relevant endorsements and your operations. – I’ve let this slide during the lockdowns so if you haven’t done one recently then we’ll do it before 30th June 2023.

User Groups: Administrators, Instructors (approved on the insurance for UPG), Pilots. If you have not signed the rental agreement then you may only fly dual with David Pilkington. If you are an approved flight instructor who has not signed the rental agreement then you may instruct if the pilot trainee has signed the rental agreement and each flight is to be approved individually by David Pilkington.

Note also:

  • conditions of the rental agreement regarding flying away from base
  • CASA restrictions on dual flying for those with an expired flight review

The training package is also being trialled – more on this later.

Notes for Flightnet – at however it is the second preference so ignore the following. The trial expires on 14/2/23.

A comprehensive user manual for the booking system is at

A reminder to maintain your records up to date please as the booking system will control your access in accordance with your qualifications and currency – once the transition is complete – date TBA. Go to the tab for “Licenses” for all qualifications including endorsements and medicals. I use the “charter agreement” to indicate completion of the rental agreement. Put your ARN in as “License number”. We are particularly interested in the following:

  • ASIC
  • medical
  • flight activity endorsements
  • design feature endorsements
  • FIR(A) – your flight instructor rating
  • type of licence

There are different user groups for admin purposes. With no rental agreement completed you will be a guest with limited privileges and access. A rental agreement is required for training with an instructor other than David Pilkington and will put you in the standard user group.

Separately, there are resource groups – either a pilot or instructor as applicable to VH-UPG. UPG instructors also need to be identified on the user’s “List as instructor” setting to be set up for bookings.

Under each user’s tab for “class and type ratings” there is provision for the following items. These settings will control access to the aeroplane!

  • active on VH-UPG – set with a tailwheel endorsement and completion of the endorsement questionnaire
  • a FI on the type as approved on the insurance certiificate
  • check flight validity – a dual flight currency check by a flight instructor
  • type refresher validity – a desktop review of currency of aircraft knowledge and key underpinning knowledge items for the relevant endorsements. Sort of like the knowledge part of an Aeroplane Flight Review so covering the stuff that is rarely reviewed at your regular AFR or PC. This applies to all pilots and instructors.

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