Spin Endorsement for Instructors

The syllabus of training is the same as for my other students wiith a couple of exceptions:

  • an air exercise with a student simulation of an unintentional spin
  • additional depth of underpinning knowledge in some areas

You will get access to my PowerPoint slides.

Read the Cessna Spin Document – this is recommended for all and essential for those flying the Cessna 152.

Your homework is to read CASA AC 61-16 https://www.casa.gov.au/licences-and-certificates/flight-instructors/spin-avoidance-and-stall-recovery#Spinavoidanceandstallrecoverytraining

And do the W&B for us. Remember to use the actual seat positions for the moment arms.

To assist our discussion on stall recoveries I recommend that you read Chapter 5 of the FAA Airplane Flying Handbook at

  • Page 5-15 for the fundamentals of stall recovery
  • Bottom of page 5-19 for stalls in a balanced turn
  • Page 5-19 discusses the skidded turn

As for the cause of the nose down pitch at the stall – you should know of the book, Aerodynamics for Naval Aviators as it is the source of much pilot theory in this country.

See the bottom of page 49 and into page 50 for the change in CP at the stall. It is discussing Figure 1.22 and one particular airfoil section, the NACA 631-412. Other aerofoils behave similarly but not all – read the paragraph about those with a strongly reflexed trailing edge.

The above is only discussing a two-dimensional airfoils rather than a three-dimensional wing on an airplane.

For real airplane behaviour go to page 77 for the effect of downwash at the stall – a nose down pitching moment.

At the bottom of page 78 are various stall patterns – consider those stall patterns and the effect on pitching moment.

In a skidded turn the down wing behaves like “F”. Then it has the downgoing aileron to aggravate the situation. Read https://apstraining.com/resource/traffic-pattern-stalls/ for more information.

My general guidance is not to let the airspeed decay on the base to final turn so as not to be in the habit of increasing AoA here i.e. push during that turn.

Finally, I offer a free Kindle edition of my book to all https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07PXY467M Or a paperback at a discount.