Tailwheel Stuff

Back before Part 61, we had stuff like this – “WHEEL LANDINGS: PROHIBITED ON BELLANCA DECATHLON” despite their handling notes stating “In high gusty wind or when a cross wind exist, a wheel landing is recommended …”. So people like me weren’t taught wheeler landings for a tailwheel endorsement and, instructing in the Decathlon … well, weren’t they prohibited?

There are real safety issues with using one of these old Decathlons for tailwheel training per Part 61, well almost any Decathlon, even a factory new Super Decathlon as explained below.

The following document compares the competency standards for ab initio training (that can be done in a tailwheel aeroplane) for short field takeoff and landing with that for a tailwheel endorsement. They should be pretty much the same. Imagine if someone did their ab initio training in a tailwheel aeroplane – when they passed the test for RPL or PPL they would’ve been granted a tailwheel endorsement – but they would not have met the separate and different standards for a tailwheel endorsement!

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